The History of Bowesfield Primary School

Bowesfield Lane Schools were opened in May 1881, on the corner of Bowesfield Lane and Parliament Street.

 Photo taken sometime in the 1940s.

The school was split in to three departments: Infant Department, Girls Department and Boys Department. Each department were taught separately and not allowed to mix.


Back elevation of Bowesfield Lane Schools                            Girls Department


Plans of proposed alterations to Bowesfield Lane Schools 1913

The 3 departments eventually merged and, in 1976, moved to the current location on Northcote Street.

Over the years, many people have passed through the doors of Bowesfield School, as either pupils or members of staff. The following website gives an insight into what life was like for these pupils and teachers and how local, national and world events shaped their lives. Details are taken from school log books, admission registers and memories of past pupils.

History of Bowesfield Lane Schools website

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