Eco School

Bowesfield  Primary School is embarking on a meaningful path towards improving the environment in both our school and local community whilst at the same time having a lifelong positive impact on the lives of our young people and their families. 

The creation of The Eco Committee

We have created an Eco Committee from years 1-6 using a whole school poster competition. We met to discuss eco issues within our school and what we hope to achieve by the end of the academic year. 

To date, we have created an Action Plan and completed an Environmental Review of our school, which enabled us to assess what we need to do from the smallest of things to larger, more adventurous projects.  

What we have achieved so far: 

  • We got the whole school thinking about protecting our environment and the climate change through the creation of a bring and buy sale.  
  • Introduced clothes recycling unit. This encourage local families to donate unwanted clothes and items.
  • We started a litter picking project which involves the Eco Committee working alongside the park ranger in the local park to clean up the area.
  • We speak about current climate issues through weekly assemblies known as picture news.
  • We keep parents informed about the projects through social media such as facebook and our school website.

What to expect going forward? 

  • We will strive to try and achieve Eco Schools Green Flag status by the end of the academic year.

Meet our Eco Committee team!

The Eco Committee have been busy! The children have started a litter-picking project at Ropner Park.  Every fortnight the children will work alongside the park ranger to clean up the area.  Well done, you have worked so hard!

Children across the school had a fantastic time buying new toys, games and puzzles.  This was a great initative set up by members of the School Eco Commmittee.




Eco School Code – Eco Code