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All members of staff at Bowesfield share a responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people; have a duty to follow the procedures approved by Tees Safeguarding Children Partnership and take appropriate action if they have concerns about a child’s welfare.

Please find link to Tees Safeguarding Children Partnerships’ Procedures (http://www.teescpp.org.uk )

Key contacts for safeguarding Sept 2020.docx

Safeguarding contacts in school

Advice on keeping your child safe online

To children, online friends are real friends. Online life is real life. There’s no distinction.

(O2 / NSPCC booklet ‘Your child’s online world – a guide for parents)

Follow the links to find out more about ways to keep your child safe.


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Online bullying guide for children

14 ways to be kind online

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