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Religious Education

Religious Education curriculum vision

Religious Education progression document

The Religious Education (RE) curriculum at Bowesfield Primary allows children the opportunity to explore a range of religions and beliefs in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. Children feel able to share their own experiences and opinions with others and often enjoy taking the lead when discussing their own beliefs and practices. Many children are knowledgeable about a range of beliefs and can draw comparisons between their own and other people’s religious practices. Much of what we do in RE relates to the Rights of the Child…











Comments from children…

“I enjoy learning about what other people do and what other religions celebrate.”

“It teaches us to be more caring and respectful.”

“You learn respect. That all are equal and just as important.”

“I feel like it’s fun and we get to do exciting things.”

Children particularly enjoy opportunities to work creatively in RE. Many commented that watching clips really helped and that visits are very important.


Where possible, visits are arranged to places of worship so that children can experience them first hand. Links have been made with a local church, mosque and gurdwara as well as with a Buddhist leader.

BBCBitesize provides many useful clips to support understanding.

Muslim prayer

The Gurdwara

Christian baptism

Children are able to look at and handle a variety of resources, including holy books, candles, prayer mats, prayer beads, the five K’s and more. They are taught to handle resources respectfully and with care.

As children progress through school, they begin to look at themes and consider how different religions approach rites of passage (birth, weddings, death). They are encouraged to share their own views and listen to the views of others.

Children enjoy working creatively and artwork helps them to recall their learning.












We have recently begun to record our RE in a class ‘floor book’ so rather than having their own exercise books, children contribute to a large class book. We have found that children enjoy seeing their work presented in this way and revisiting the book allows opportunities to recap prior learning before moving on.

Possible careers linked to RE:

Many careers can follow on from a background in RE, such as a teacher in secondary school or beyond. You could also working for a charity or religious organisation or become a youth worker or counsellor.

Supporting your child at home:

There are many ways in which you can support your child at home, for example, by listening to what they tell you about RE in school and discussing what they know. Talk about your own beliefs and religious practices, for example, how rites of passage are celebrated – birth, marriage and death. Talk about festivals and why you celebrate them. Share stories from the Qur’an, Bible, Torah, Guru Granth Sahib, etc. Look at some of the video clips together and talk about different religions. Encourage your child to be respectful of different religions and to accept that people have a range of beliefs or no belief.