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Mathematics Curriculum Vision

Maths Progression

Whole School Maths Vocabulary

EYFS Parent Leaflet – to follow

Year 1 Parent Leaflet                          Year 2 Parent Leaflet                                       Year 3 Parent Leaflet

Year 4 Parent Leaflet                          Year 5 Parent Leaflet                                       Year 6 Parent Leaflet

Mathematicians Who Have Made a Difference

Helping your child at home

Maths Around School

Early Years Foundation Stage





One-to-one correspondence.                                                                                 


                                                                                                                                   Recognising numbers during outdoor learning.

Key Stage One






Exploring making ten during continuous provision.                                                     

                                                                                                             Identifying the parts of the part- part whole model.

Key Stage Two





Pictorial representations to help support thinking.

                                                                                          Mathematical talk to help refine and challenge understanding.

Maths Beyond the Classroom





Opportunities to use weighing and measuring skills during home learning activities.


Our Addition Journey.




                                                        Using ICT develop a rapid recall of number facts.





Sorting quoits by colour.





                                                                                                             Recognising jumps can be counted.