Head Teacher’s Welcome

Dear families, friends, children and visitors,

We just want to say a huge welcome to Bowesfield Primary School and Nursery.  We are a community school situated in the Parkfield area of Stockton.  We offer all our children a caring, compassionate and great place to learn within a state of the art building and a huge site of over 2 acres of grassland, trees and playground.  We really are an oasis of green right in the middle of a busy town!   

At Bowesfield,  our team of dedicated and experienced staff are passionate about making a positive difference to your child’s learning journey and future lives.    We strive to ensure that every child enjoys coming to school, feels safe and able to learn.    Pastoral care is a crucial part of our provision and we ensure that we get to know every child and their families, so we can support them all socially, emotionally and academically. 

At our school, we are all totally committed to promoting a learning and teaching environment that embeds the values of inclusive educational practice through our creative, exciting and broad curriculum, which we have developed ourselves,  that enables them to know more and remember more and be ready for the next steps of their life.    We believe in working together creatively to enable all children to be ambitious for themselves and each other.       

We encourage our children to be risk takers and have a “can do” attitude, so they can dream big and aspire to be anything they want to be.   We ensure our learning opportunities are carefully personalised so that children receive the support and challenge they each need so they can be the best they can be.   

We are driven by 6 core values, which we call the “Bowesfield B’s” that help guide our learning journeys and help our children to develop their characters, personalities and own values systems, so they can grow to be good citizens! 

These are:-

Be responsible

Be ambitious

Be resilient

Be respectful

Be creative

Be independent

Be Bowesfield!

Our website aims to provide regular updated information for both parents, pupils and our community. We hope that you find the information you are looking for and enjoy finding out more about our amazing school.  You can find even more information about our school by following our learning and community news on our Facebook page.     We also encourage all our families and friends to download our App – School Gateway, so they can keep in touch with everything that we do here at Bowesfield!

If you would like to take a tour of our amazing school, facilities and grounds, please do get in touch!

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website!

Laura Birkett, headteacher and the Bowesfield Team