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Curriculum Subjects

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Art & Design

Art & Design at Bowesfield Primary School

Art & Design curriculum vision

Art & Design Progression

Art & Design Long Term Plan

Artists                        Staff’s Favourite Art


Computing curriculum vision

Design & Technology

Design Technology curriculum vision

Design & Technology at Bowesfield Primary


English curriculum vision

Long term planning

Approach to the teaching of reading

Phonics teaching in nursery

Vipers KS1                    Vipers KS2


French curriculum vision

French progression document


Geography curriculum vision 

Progression in Geography

Famous Geographers


History curriculum vision

History curriculum progression

History at Bowesfield Primary


Mathematics Curriculum Vision

Maths Progression

Whole School Maths Vocabulary

EYFS Parent Leaflet – to follow

Year 1 Parent Leaflet                          Year 2 Parent Leaflet                                       Year 3 Parent Leaflet

Year 4 Parent Leaflet                          Year 5 Parent Leaflet                                       Year 6 Parent Leaflet

Mathematicians Who Have Made a Difference

Helping your child at home

Maths around school


Music curriculum vision

Long Term Planning  – From Reception to Year Six

Reception progression of key skills

Y1 progression of key skills

Y2 progression of key skills

Y3 progression of key skills

Y4 progression of key skills

Y5 progression of key skills

Y6 progression of key skills

Music at Bowesfield