Curriculum Planning Overview

At Bowesfield Primary School we respect and value all children as individuals. We are committed to making learning exciting and enjoyable, with the right support and challenge to achieve. We are committed to giving every child a variety of learning opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and values they will need to ensure their success throughout the rest of their education and in later life.

We encourage our children to be passionate for learning by creating an engaging, fun and relevant curriculum. Through our curriculum and pastoral care, we strive to nurture well rounded, respectful and confident children, who will develop skills for life-long learning with a positive outlook on their future prospects and plans.

To support the implementation of our vision we will:

  • Create a stimulating environment for developing inquisitive, independent and resilient lifelong learners who work hard and strive for excellence.
  • Create a culture of working independently and collaboratively, where we see getting something wrong as part of learning how to get it right.
  • Create an ethos where all children are encouraged and supported and challenge is fully embraced.
  • Provide a range of experiences and opportunities to develop a love of learning both within the indoor and outdoor learning environments.

Learning in the Early Years follows the Foundation Stage Profile whilst learning in Key Stage One and Two follows, and builds on the National Curriculum 

Alongside the curriculum, we strive to follow our “Be Bowesfield values” these are

  • Be responsible.
  • Be ambitious
  • Be resilient
  • Be respectful
  • Be creative
  • Be independent

Information about our learning is shared with parents and carers through: 

·    School and Year Group newsletters; 

·    Year group curriculum information letters;  

·    Year Group pages on our school website; 

·    Class assemblies; 

·    Invitations to exhibitions, trips and visits, special days, workshops and displays in school; 

·    The school Facebook account and website. 

Our curriculum intent is evidenced through Long-Term Plans, created by the whole school team, which demonstrate how our Vision is enacted through our curriculum design.  

Please click on the link below to view our whole school curriculum

Whole School Curriculum Plan

Please click on the links below to download/view a copy of the planning overview for each year group:-

Early Years Nursery Planning Overview

Early Years Reception Planning Overview

Year 1 and 2 Planning overview

Year 3 and 4 Planning Overview

Year 5 Planning Overview

Year 6 Planning Overview