Shining Stars

Shining Stars 18.01.18

Year 6

Eduarda Great work in Fresh Start sessions with Mrs Grieve

Hamaira Increasing her word sped when using Reading plus


Year 5

Hasnain For recognising an apostrophe for contraction and explaining how he had used it

Joshua For using something new in his writing from this week – ‘an apostrophe’


Year 4

Ibrahim For his enthusiasm and effort when answering questions in class.

Usman For demonstrating a good understanding during reciprocal reading sessions.


Year 3

Lacey For supporting another child, so they were able to complete their work

Ayman For always being the first person ready to work, (Ayman was ‘born ready’)

Halan For having a fantastic week, especially in maths


Year 2

Aaron For trying hard with his writing.

Abir For fantastic behaviour all week.

Rawan For working hard, particularly in English

Sufiyan For trying hard with his work.


Year 1

Sierra Great work in maths, tying had and not giving up.

Aylidia-Faith Great work in maths, tying had and not giving up.



Vannesa For showing good progress in maths.

Cameron For working hard in phonics this week.

Ayaan For a great attitude in writing and improved behaviour

Nikola For improved behaviour