Shining Stars

Shining Stars 23/11/17


Year 6  

Aribah Excellent attitude to learning even giving 100% when not feeling well.

James For trying really hard with his learning.


Year 5

Joshua For showing his confidence in Maths this week and for trying challenging aspects of PE.

Falaq For listening carefully and really ‘levelling up’ her writing this week.


Year 4

Raihan For always trying to use the best vocabulary and using the ‘word of the week’ in his writing.

Michaeel For a great explanation when completing reasoning tasks in maths.


Year 3

Linden For a HUGE improvement with his attendance! Keep it up, we miss you when you’re not at school.

Merhaab For always giving 100% effort in class, especially during reading sessions.


Year 2

Noor For supporting another child in PE.

Haider For fantastic singing during Music lessons.

Darsim For a great start to Bowesfield Primary.

Nathaniel For fantastic singing during Music lessons.


Year 1

Samuel For trying hard in all areas.

Anas For trying hard in writing.



Kalen For his great understanding of stories and answering questions.

Tehjeeb For always wanting to improve her writing and applying her phonics.

Gradi For having a great attitude to his learning always.

Ayaat For growing in confidence by sharing thoughts and ideas.