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Year 1 visited Blue Reef Aquarium

The children observed a wide range of fish and sea creatures at close quarters. They were able to talk about the characteristics of fish whilst on the visit – scales, fins, tails, etc.

Year 1 visit to Ropner Park.

As part of our ongoing science work we visited Ropner Park to look at plants – more specifically deciduous and evergreen trees. The children were able to identify which trees were evergreen and could recall the names of some trees – Horse Chestnut, Holly and Maple. We collected a range of leaves, conkers & pine cones which the children were then able to identify and classify.


Year 3 visited the Life Centre- Gateshead.

Working alongside scientists the children had the opportunity to develop their scientific enquiry skills.


Year 6 children took part in the Children Challenging Industry Programme.

 Taking on the role of engineers, the children were challenged to make a circuit with a sensor/switch that will tell us when the well has enough fresh water. They managed to see some of their work in action at Hartlepool Power Station!

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Year 4 States of Matter 

Year 4 Visit to Hartlepool Power Station




Year 4 Living Things and Their Habitats


Year 3

Year 3 tested different soils to see which were the most/least permeable.




Year 3 pupils devised a series of tests to answer the question “Does the car travel further if you pull the elastic band back more?”


Year 5

As part of their topic on Space, year 5 worked with artists Ella Good and Nicki Kent on Space Trees.